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Pool Spa Builder in Tampa

Spas, water features and other additions help create the perfect pool environment.

Spas, water features, landscaping and lighting are some of the extra features that help customize your pool and make your outdoor space enjoyable for years to come. 

Any Tampa pool builder can dig a hole in your backyard and fill it with water. But for your pool to really stand out, it's best to upgrade and customize so that you're creating the pool environment that you and your family want – and will continually use.

And while adding a spa or water fountains or fun lighting may sound excessive, these add-ons have become pretty commonplace for homeowners who want to take full advantage of their pool.

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Let's Add a Spa (or Hot Tub) to Your Pool

Tampa pool builders tend to call them spas, but many owners will refer to them as hot tubs. Regardless of what you call them, spas (or hot tubs) offer a therapeutic option – think hot water and bubbly, massaging jets creating a "spa-like" environment to help rejuvenate sore muscles or just help you relax after a long day.

Spas are also a great alternative to cool, refreshing pools. By incorporating a spa into your backyard pool design, you're getting the best of both worlds.

Common pool spa options:

Spillover spas – a spillover spa is installed beside your pool and is the most common pool type in Tampa. Having the spa next to your pool allows for water to flow over into your pool which creates a "spillover" or waterfall effect.

What's great is that just one water pump is needed to run both your pool and spa which helps with ease of use and offers lowers maintenance costs. Your spa or hot tub heater will warm up the water in the spa. Plus, if you get too warm in your spa, it's a quick trip to your pool!

Perimeter Oveflow spas - sometimes called a "vanishing edge" spa, overflow spas are a popular right now in Tampa as they provide a uniquely customized look to your pool. The water in these spas comes to the top edges and then flows over and down the spa walls. This spa sits within your pool and because it's incorporated within the pool's design, water just flows into the pool.

When you see it in your pool, it looks like a shimmering cube. These designs, while simple, are modern and offer you the ability to run glass tiling all around the spa walls. You can also highlight the spa with colored LEDs for a dramatic effect.

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Larco Pools offers a variety of spa, water feature and lighting options for Tampa Bay area pool owners. We'd love to talk to you to see what you have in mind for your backyard.

Our pool design company is licensed to perform work in the state of Florida under our pool contractor license #CPC1459853. We are also properly insured, providing our customers the assurance they need when choosing from the many pool builder companies serving Tampa Bay.

We understand that you have high expectations, not only for the pool you envision, but for the pool company you end up working with. At Larco Pools, our company core values are faith-based – we believe that we are making people's lives better, one pool at a time. we will go that extra mile for our customers, because it is the right thing to do. We put God first in all of our daily business, and treat our customers like family. We're excited to work on your pool project!

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Water Features for Your Tampa Pool

Swimming pool water features are among the best additions for creating a backyard environment that's pleasing to the eye, provides dimension, movement, and a sense of tranquility that only moving water can.

With the right design creativity, water features can add a stunning visual focal point that will add beauty,  elegance and animation to your pool. 

There are many types of custom water features to choose from:

  • Bubbler fountains
  • Spray fountains
  • Laminars
  • Deck jets
  • Water bowls
  • Cascade waterfalls
  • Rain curtains
  • Scuppers and spouts

LED Lighting Options for Your Pool

Whether you're building a pool for the first time or are modernizing your pool with a renovation, the addition of LED lighting around your pool can quickly add a "wow" factor.

Very simply, lights can bring a pool to life at night. They can light up your pool under water, along edges of the pool, provide backlighting and uplighting with landscaping or other pool features. Plus, they can help set the tone for an evening, whether it's party time, time for relaxation or even for intimate vibes.

Beach Entry

A beach entry is a sloped opening to a swimming pool that typically replaces the steps into the water. The design has the appearance and functionality of a natural beach at a lake or ocean – essentially you just wade right in to the pool.

This is a great customized option for younger family members and those with mobility issues or physical impairments that would be inhibited by steps.

Tanning Ledges or Sun Shelves

Tanning ledges are a design feature that allows for sunbathers to catch some Tampa rays without being fully submerged. The ledge is like a shelf that sits next to the side of the pool, but is submerged by a few inches. 

You can sit or lay down on this ledge while enjoying both the water and the sun. This is also a great place for younger children to play as it gives them access to the water without them having to swim or be held by a family member.

Swim Out Benches

Similar to tanning ledges, these are submerged benches within the pool alongside the edges. They're usually more deeply submerged, yet narrower and offer a resting spot for swimmers or anyone who just wants to lounge within the pool while seated.

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